The Heat Of The Night

CD Heat Of The Night

  1. Rambling Man
  2. St Louis Blues
  3. Waiting for a Train
  4. I Cried for You
  5. Stranger in my Own Home Town
  6. Darktown Strutters Ball
  7. Over in the Gloryland
  8. Soul Sister/Please Send me Someone to Love
  9. Girl of my Dreams
  10. Palm Court Strut
  11. Paying the Cost to be the Boss
  12. The Nearness of You
  13. Didn’t He Ramble
  14. In the Heat of the Night
TJ Johnson – Vocals/Piano/Hammond
Karl Hird – Tenor Sax/Clarinet
James Evans – Baritone Sax/Tenor Sax/Clarinet
Mike Henry – Trumpet
James Puddy – Guitar/Banjo
Jim Ydstie – Double Bass/Vocals
Emilien Legendre – Drums